The World's First & Only Grooming Subscription Box Developed to Care for Your Skin & Hair Down There.     


down there


with our handmade organic & vegan whipped shaving cream


with our premium blades & luxury tools


with our exclusive scrub, mask, oil, & serum

84% of Women Shape Their Shrub

Thin Your Thicket the Right Way


1. Procure your box

Pick our 1-, 3-, or 6-month prickle-preventing plan. Happy Tip: choose the 6-month plan to save the most money and get the biggest bush-busting bang for your buck!

2. Pick your potion

Choose the products right for YOU! No two females, and no two follicles, are the same! That's why we make sure our boxes are customized just for YOU!

If you want to be surprised (awesome!), don't choose! We'll do it for you — and you'll LOVE it!

*To customize your order: create an account PRIOR to ordering (click on the person icon on the top right of this page), and then pick out your favorite scent and size.* 

3. Put it on your card

Pay for your box and get ready to change the way you groom, one box at a time. Happy Hedge accepts all major credit cards! 

4. Prepare for prickle freedom

Rip open this tree-trimming game changer, revel in your box's awesomeness, pat yourself on the back (yay, you!), and then start grooming your front!

What our Happy Customers are Saying

I’ve been using Happy Hedge products for 3 months. The Weed Whip shaving cream is the BEST shaving cream I’ve ever used. It’s light, creamy, and gives me a really close shave. Plus, it smells so fresh and clean. I LOVE it!

Amanda L.

You need to sell a bigger tub of your Weed Whip shaving cream. That s*** is epic!

Jenn C.

"After subscribing to a few shave clubs, and always getting poor results, I kept wondering, "How many shave clubs do there need to be before someone gets it right?" I don't need to wonder anymore! After one week of using my Happy Hedge Box I was a believer! It has everything I need! THANK YOU HAPPY HEDGE!" 

Heather R.

" a woman of color, I've tried it all...shaving, waxing, depilatories, laser... NOTHING worked! I always got ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and hair removal was always a very painful experience for me. I was almost ready to let my garden grow, then I tried Happy Hedge and who-eeeeeee! FINALLY! Their Topiary Tonic made my extremely coarse hair softer and easier to shave. For the first time, I DIDN'T GET RAZOR BUMPS after shaving!"

Danita J.

"I tried just about everything to keep my bikini area bump-free. After using the Weed Whip shaving cream, in my favorite scent - lavender, for about a week, my skin not only smelled wonderful, but was also incredibly smooth!"

Andrea L.

"I frequently get ingrown hairs. I decided to give Happy Hedge a try. I'm really glad I did; no more ingrowns!"

Lanesha B.​