The World's First & Only Grooming Subscription Box Developed to Care for Your Skin & Hair Down There.     


"Let's get real — shaving is never going to be 'fun', but it can be easy, safe, effective, and convenient."

After undergoing years of laser hair removal, shaving with products that have no business being near a lady's garden, and always experiencing painful bumps and irritation from waxing, my needles looked and felt neglected. 

That's why I developed Happy Hedge!

I worked in the laser hair removal industry for years and received numerous laser hair removal treatments, yet I still battled hair regrowth. A stray swirly would always pop up here or there, so I continued to shave or wax, which sometimes resulted in painful bikini bumps and skin irritation.

Every time I went to the store or looked online, there were only subpar lady garden grooming products to choose from.

After being forced to purchase and use either fruity smelling (strawberry cream? really?) or tingly menthol (yikes!) grooming products, dull razors that just didn't cut it (literally), and obtaining only mediocre (and often painful) results, I was done!

I decided to take my hedge into my own hands and developed Happy Hedge. That was over 8 years ago.

With five+ years of research and development and over two years of successful product testing on women of all ages and ethnicities under my belt, I'm finally ready to bring you the best of the best when it comes to caring for your delicate curves, sensitive skin, and thick hair down there.

And because my small, dedicated team and I believe every woman deserves an exquisite lady garden (one that doesn't smell like a strawberry patch nor tingle from irritating chemicals) we have made it our life's work to provide all women premium quality hair grooming solutions at a very reasonable price.

Let's get real — shaving is never going to be 'fun', but it can be easy, safe, effective, and convenient.

So, while the other subscription boxes try to tout shaving as an enjoyable and glamorous thing you and your gal-pals can bond over while sipping on chilled rosé, you know better. No woman enjoys shaving No. Woman. And it's never going to be fun. Never.

That said, numerous studies have shown women feel cleaner, sexier, and more confident when their shrub is shaped. That's why we're here — to provide you with the necessary tools to give you the results you're looking for!

So, go ahead, gorgeous! Trim your tree, thin your thicket, shape your shrub, and LOVE your lady garden — because EVERY woman deserves a Happy Hedge.

From the (top and) bottom of my hedge, I want to thank you for choosing Happy Hedge. I hope you are satisfied with your box.


  ~ Malina 
Founder of Happy Hedge