The World's First & Only Grooming Subscription Box Developed to Care for your Skin and Hair Down There.     

Straight Talk

We Cut the Bull, Not Your Skin

Shaving has become a necessity for many women who want to feel cleaner, sexier, and prepared to take on the world, or just take-it-off.

Do you NEED to shave? Of course not! But, if you're like the hundreds of thousands of women who want to, or prefer to shave for cultural reasons, we've got what you need to do it right! Including a realistic attitude.

​Subscription shave boxes are always touting how their box makes shaving "fun." Fun? They also try to convince you shaving is a "bonding" experience for ladies. Bonding experience?

​Shaving is never going to be fun. Nor is it going to be something you ever do with your gal-pals while enjoying a bottle of wine, no matter how beautiful the other guys' razor and wine pics are. (Good grief! Shaving and alcohol?!)

That's definitely not our style. It's not yours either.

Happy Hedge is the ONLY subscription box that provides you with premium quality, effective, and convenient bikini area hair removal/care products and tools, while also being the ONLY subscription shave box that cuts the bull, NOT your skin.