The World's First & Only Grooming Subscription Box Developed to Care for Your Skin & Hair Down There.     

It's YOUR Box

Female Foliage Facts

  • 84% groom their hair down there. 
  • 62% prefer to remove all pubic hair.
  • 59% groom because it makes them feel cleaner.
  • 40% groom before a doctor's appointment.  
  • 100% deserve a Happy Hedge!

No matter what your personal grooming preference/style is, we're here to make sure you have all the products you need to groom your bikini area (however you see fit) safely and effectively! 

A bare bush is best for you? Ok. Thinking of thinning your thicket? We see you. Trimming your tree is more your style? Nice. Want to let your garden grow? Cool.

Your options are limitless!

If hair removal is your gig, order a 1-month, 3-month, or 6- month subscription! Each month, we'll deliver your box filled with our premium, handmade, organic, hair thinning, trimming, and removing products!

If you like your leaves, swing by our Shrub Shop! We have products made specifically for you! (We suggest you try our Shrub Scrub, for light exfoliation and hair hydration, and our Topiary Tonic, for super soft, supple, and shiny hair!)  

Happy Hedge is the ONLY subscription box company that provides you with premium quality, effective, and convenient bikini area hair grooming/care products and tools.