The World's First & Only Grooming Subscription Box Developed to Care for Your Skin & Hair Down There.     


Frequently Asked Questions

1. WHY SHOULD I BUY YOUR GROOMING SUBSCRIPTION BOX? Because no one has spent years testing, developing, making, and procuring the most effective, safe, and customizable products (and tools) for use on your bikini area — except US. All the other shave clubs are a dime a dozen... Literally. Also, to put it sharply: because we're the best.

Ladies, your bikini area is extremely sensitive. Your hair is coarser and your skin is more prone to irritation, bumps, ingrowns, etc. than other places on your body. Using products not SPECIFICALLY designed for this area IS risky.

We caution you to do your research prior to purchasing products for this part of your anatomy. NO subscription box currently available provides products specifically for use in the bikini area. And NO other box offers you a customized approach to your bikini area grooming needs. Except us.

Please be wary of subscription boxes who throw a dangerous (not to mention ugly) "safety razor" into a box and call it a "women's grooming box". There's nothing womanly about using a bulky safety razor, designed for a man's face, on your bikini area.

Also, please be careful of the "women's" subscription boxes who tout a cheap $1.99 razor handle, offer an aggressive 5-blade razor cartridge, and insist a fruity-smelling shaving cream, or one whose fragrance is reminiscent of alcohol(?), can and should be used on your lady garden. If you go this route, odds are your thicket WILL be thinned and smelling like strawberries, or champagne(?), but your bits may also experience some kind of irritation/abrasion/cut. 

A. TESTING, TESTING, AND MORE TESTING Our extensive testing definitely sets us apart. When I say "our" I mean women of all ethnicities and ages test our products, on a daily basis, and have tested them for two + years.   

B. YOUR BOX IS CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU You choose your favorite lady garden loving scents. Love lavender? Great! Loathe lavender? No problem! We don't send you products you're not going to love. All our Happy Hedge brand products are made with organic oils, butters, and botanicals. YOU choose what you want. And we think that's pretty dang cool. (Customize your products by clicking on the person icon at the top of the page, create an account before you purchase, and then choose your favorites!)

C. WE MAKE MANY OF OUR PREMIUM PRODUCTS BY HAND What other shaving subscription box does that? We only use pure, gentle, raw and organic (vegan, too!) butters, base oils, essential oils, exfoliants, and botanicals to make our exclusive luxury shaving cream, scrub, oil, and serum.    

D. OUR DEDICATION TO YOU We are dedicated to providing you a safe, gentle, and effective grooming experience. This is a serious business for me (and my small yet spectacular staff). It's taken us years to get where we are today. And after years of product development (8 + years), raw material procurement (5+ years), and testing (2 + years), we're FINALLY ready to bring you the best of the best.   

E. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED We LOVE surprising our lovely ladies! You never know what perfect prickle-preventing product with pizazz will arrive next. Like you, and our 3-blade razor cartridge, Happy Hedge is never dull.

3. WHY IS MY RAZOR HANDLE METAL AND NOT PLASTIC? Short answer: because our box doesn't suck. Long answer: because you and your box are worth it! In your first box, you will receive a BEAUTIFUL, SLEEK silver metal razor handle (elegantly engraved with our logo — which we're absolutely giddy about), that has been specifically weighted for a lady's hand and typical shaving grip. 

Our exclusive handle enables you to apply just the right amount of pressure to gently and effectively remove your swirlies and stubble without pushing the blade closer to the skin than it needs to be. This uniquely designed razor handle reminds you to SLOW DOWN.

During our extensive testing process, we found time and time again, ladies were nicking themselves while shaving because their gripper-handle razor gave them a false sense of security. They shaved too dang fast and ended up cutting themselves.

Our exclusive handle, coupled with our 3-blade cartridge, gives you the safe and smooth result you've been waiting for.

4. WHY DOES MY RAZOR COME WITH A 3-BLADE CARTRIDGE? Because when it comes to your sensitive bikini area, 3-blades are better than 1 blade and 5 blades.

After researching, testing, and sourcing blades from all over the world, we procured the blade with the best, most consistent shave, while leaving your skin virtually irritation-free. 

Our blades ensure your gentle curves are treated with the respect they deserve. In fact, the blades in our boxes are one of the best selling blades in the US. They feature a lubricating gel strip to help protect your skin, while a skin guard helps gently stretch your skin, preparing each strand to be cut. They are NOT manufactured in China.

We tested multiple blade cartridges for over two years and discovered a 1-blade option had you going over the same area multiple times to get the same result as one stroke with our 3-blade cartridge. The more you drag the razor over vulnerable skin the more you strip moisture from the skin below. That means the higher your risk of razor bumps and irritation.

What about a 5-blade cartridge? We found that the 5-blade cartridge was a little too aggressive to use in this sensitive region. It didn't round sensitive areas as smoothly, gently, or predictably as our 3-blade cartridge, nor did it provide a better shave than our 3-blade cartridge. Again, the more aggressive the pressure and the more blades passing over a given area, the more you risk getting dreaded razor bumps, a painful abrasion, or even a cut.

Our specially weighted razor handle and 3-blade razor cartridge ensure a kind, gentle, smooth, and silky shave — every time.

5. CAN I USE YOUR BLADES ON OTHER RAZOR HANDLES? Absolutely! Unlike other subscription boxes, we don't force you to only use our blades. Our blades work on other razor handles AND our handle works with several brands of razor blades. So, if you're ever traveling and forget your replacement razor blade cartridge back home, or ever cancel your plan (why in the world would you do that?), you can get a replacement blade at any drugstore.

6. CAN I USE MY HAPPY HEDGE PRODUCTS ON OTHER PARTS OF MY BODY? Of course! All our Happy Hedge brand products are made with organic and vegan ingredients. Our shaving cream works excellent on your legs, underarms, etc., too. Our products are made with only the purest and highest quality ingredients, so they are mild enough to use on your entire body. Our silky Happy Hedge brand oils provide light moisture, hydrate your hair, quickly absorb into your skin and hair, and smell like heaven. (Pro Tip: Rub a couple drops of oil into your hands and apply to your face for a light facial oil or run your palms through your hair for a quick smooth and gloss.) Our finely-milled mild exfoliant is also made to smooth and moisturize your entire body. Our clay-based masks are a great addition to your facial care routine. And our antioxidant-packed serum is fabulous to use on your face and décolletage. 

7. I DO LASER HAIR REMOVAL, SO WHY WOULD I NEED A HAPPY HEDGE BOX? I worked in the laser hair removal industry for several years and while some people experience stellar results, others do not. We feel our Happy Hedge box is excellent for both those who have not experienced total hair removal and those currently undergoing treatments. It takes several years for great candidates (dark hair/light skin) to experience the long-term hair removal they are hoping for. (Even between treatments your hair still grows back.) And only Happy Hedge will keep you hair free even when your swirlies sneak back between treatments. 

8. WHEN WILL I BE BILLED? You will be billed at the time of purchase and again on the 16th of each month, for the term of your subscription.

9. WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY BOX? Regardless of when you order, your box will always ship out the last week of the month — unless, of course, you order on the last day of the month. (Same day shipping isn't possible at this time.) If something beyond our control occurs, our customer service team will reach out to you. *Please allow USPS 3-5 days for United States delivery. International orders may take a few days longer.*     

10. HOW MUCH IS SHIPPING? A low $5 flat rate for our woolly women in the US, $12 for our gals in Canada. All other countries will cost a bit more.

11. I LOVE MY BOX! HOW CAN I EXTEND MY SUBSCRIPTION TERM? Thanks! We knew once you got Happy you'd hedge your bet! To increase your term length just log in to your account and change your subscription term (to either 3 or 6 months). You will be prorated with the lower per month price and will see your new pricing take effect the next billing cycle. 

12. WHAT IF I WANT TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION? No! Please don't let your weeds win! But, we get there are times you may have to surrender to your swirlies. So, just log in to your account and cancel at any time. 

13. CAN I GET A REFUND? Due to the personal nature of the products you receive, we cannot accept returns (of opened product), nor can we give refunds. If you are prickled with a product you receive in your Happy Hedge box, please contact us and we will do everything we can to resolve the issue promptly.

14. MY BOX ARRIVED DAMAGED; NOW WHAT? No worries. Take a few photos of the box and the item(s) that were damaged, within 7 days of your received box, and send the pics to us. We'll email you ASAP and will work out a suitable solution.  

Ready to get Happy? Of course you are! Click here, pick your plan, and then prepare for prickle freedom!