The World's First & Only Grooming Subscription Box Developed to Care for Your Skin & Hair Down There.     

6-Month Plan

Receive ALL products listed (and then some!) — over the next 6 months — at an INCREDIBLY LOW monthly price!

FILLED with lady garden grooming products you can't get just anywhere, our most comprehensive *best value* Happy Hedge Box has you covered for at least 6 months. Not only can you expect to get the products you want, but you'll also get products you didn't know you needed.

Our suite of exclusive Happy Hedge brand products, like our premium-quality handcrafted organic and vegan shaving cream, oil, serum, mask, and exfoliant delicately deforest even the most unruly jungles. Slip in a few *surprise* bonus items, and this box is more than your hedge has ever hoped for!

This is the best box for those looking for a long-term lady garden grooming solution — at the lowest (per month) price.

  • Experience a stylish shave with our stunning and sleek metal razor handle with engraved logo (month 1).
  • Expect a close yet gentle shave with made-in-the-USA 3-blade razor cartridges (1 cartridge every month).
  • Ensure hydrated hair removal every time with our fluffy and emollient Happy Hedge brand Weed Whip shaving cream, made with light exfoliating beads and bubbles of moisture which both absorb and melt on skin contact. 
  • Keep your skin soft and supple with our light and quick-absorb Happy Hedge brand Topiary Tonic skin and hair hydrating oil. 
  • Calm and heal your skin with our *NEW* Prickle Pulp skin serum, formulated with Hyaluronic and Alpha-lipoic acids (~35% organic).  
  • Reduce bumps and skin irritation with our finely-milled sea salt Happy Hedge brand Shrub Scrub exfoliant.
  • Maintain a smooth and tidy bikini area with our Moss Mud mask, specifically developed to help reduce bumps and redness.
  • Extend the life of your blade cartridge by swishing your blade in our Happy Hedge brand Razor Rinse blade cleaner post shave.
  • Take off a little or a lot with our trimming tools.
  • ​Enhance your bikini area with other exclusive products/tools.
All boxes include a suite of hand-mixed, small-batch 100% organic, 100% vegan Happy Hedge brand products (as featured in HuffPost and SWAAY) you can only get through us! You will not receive all the above in every box.* 


All products contained in a Happy Hedge box are for external use only. If you experience a reaction, please discontinue use and contact your physician if symptoms persist. Happy Hedge products do not attempt to diagnose, treat, nor cure illness or disease. When in doubt, please ask your doctor or healthcare professional prior to using.  

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