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Chrome Razor Handle
Chrome Razor Handle

Chrome Razor Handle

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Obtain a close, comfortable shave while maximizing your skin's natural hydration with our sleek and stunning chrome razor handle.

Specially weighted for a lady's typical grip, our *exclusive* razor handle was designed to help prevent razor burn and irritation while maintaining your skin's natural moisture.

How you may ask? Our handle was weighted specifically to help prevent unnecessary and aggressive pushing and pulling of your skin. This weighted technology gently helps guide the razor effortlessly for a beautiful, bump-free shave — every time. A cheap plastic razor handle can't do that. 

Added bonus: Because the razor prevents needless drag, and undue stress on your vulnerable bikini area skin, you're actually maximizing your skin's natural moisture while you shave!

*This razor is excellent for men, too!*

Includes: 1 razor handle and 1 3-blade razor cartridge.